Evaluation criteria of the “Men’s Physique” category in the UFBF federation


1st Round

  1. Each participant is called out to the stage individually in the order of numbers and has a maximum of 60 seconds to present their form.
  2. Each participant is called out to the stage individually in the order of numbers, goes to the center of the stage, makes turns back and forth, and can demonstrate his strengths, and then goes to the diagonal line on each side of the stage. The central part of the scene remains free to call out.

2nd Round

  1. The Chief Judge then calls the numbers of the participants for their required comparison, where the selected participants are compared with each other in turns back and forth.
  2. The category’s winner is determined by the sum of points in the free and required program.

Requirements for the appearance of athletes:

  1. For judging, participants must wear shorts with the following characteristics:
  2. They should be slightly above the knee (1 cm).
  3. They should be 2 cm below the knee.
  4. Spandex is prohibited.
  5. The use of logos is prohibited, except for the manufacturer’s logo (for example, Nike, Reebok).
  6. Athletes will compete without a shirt and barefoot.
  7. Obscene and vulgar acts are forbidden.
  8. The participant’s number must always be securely attached to the shorts’ left side for posing.
  9. During the judging, participants may not wear shoes, watches, pendants, chains, bracelets (on the wrists or ankles, except for pass elements approved by the Federation).
  10. It is forbidden to apply additional tanning products on competitive tanning (oils, moisturizers, skin creams, sunscreens, and similar products).

Current categories in the UFBF federation:

  • Men’s physique – students;
  • Men’s physique – novices;
  • Men’s physique – masters (35 y.o and older);
  • Men’s physique – supermasters (40 y.o and older);
  • Men’s physique – up to and including 170 cm;
  • Men’s physique – over 170 cm and up to and including 173 cm;
  • Men’s physique – over 173 cm and up to and including 175 cm;
  • Men’s physique – over 175 cm and up to and including 180 cm;
  • Men’s physique – over 180 cm and up to and including 183 cm;
  • Men’s physique – over 183 cm.