Evaluation criteria of the “Women’s Bikini” category in the UFBF federation

1st Round

  1. Each participant is called out to the stage individually, in the order of numbers, and has a maximum of 30 seconds to perform the defile (presentation).
  2. Defile consists of the following:

The athlete must walk to the center of the stage, stop and make the front position, then make a full turn and the back position, then turn forward again and face to the judges as instructed, then move to the diagonal line on each side of the stage. Obscene acts are prohibited.

  • NOTE: we do not want to see too wide arms and legs apart in the frontal position.
  1. After the defile, all the participants line up in equal numbers along the diagonal lines on each side of the stage. The central part of the stage remains free to call out the athletes and compare them.

2nd Round

  1. The Chief Judge calls the numbers of the participants for their required comparison, where the selected participants are compared with each other. The Chief Judge of the tournament determines the number and placement of participants on the stage.
  2. Participants will be evaluated in a two-component swimsuit, heels (recommended height – 10 – 12 cm.), and judges will assess the athlete’s appearance, including hair and make-up.
  3. Judges will be able to compare participants with each other in the frontal and back positions (side positions are prohibited, only front and back). At the same time, hair from the back is not removed.
  4. The category’s winner is determined by the sum of points in the defile and the required program.

Requirements for the appearance of athletes:

  1. 1. For judging, participants must be in a separate swimsuit, the color and style of which are chosen at the participant’s discretion. The bikini should cover at least a quarter of the buttocks. The bikini should open both the abdominal muscles and the muscles of the lower back. Thongs are prohibited. Be sure to wear shoes.
  2. The participant’s number must always be securely attached to the swimming trunks’ left side for posing.
  3. During the judging, participants may not wear watches, pendants, chains, bracelets made of precious materials (exception – pass elements and jewelry approved by the Federation).
  4. It is forbidden to apply additional tanning products on competitive tanning (oils, moisturizers, skin creams, sunscreens, and similar products).

Current categories in the UFBF federation:

  • Women’s bikini – students;
  • Women’s bikini – novices;
  • Women’s bikini – juniors (till the 24 y.o);
  • Women’s mistress bikini – 35 y.o and older;
  • Women’s mistress bikini – 40 y.o and older;
  • Women’s bikini – up to and including 160 cm;
  • Women’s bikini – over 160 cm and up to and including 163 cm;
  • Women’s bikini – over 163 cm and up to and including 165 cm;
  • Women’s bikini – over 165 cm and up to and including 168 cm;
  • Women’s bikini – over 168 cm and up to and including 170 cm;
  • Women’s bikini –  over 170 cm.