Evaluation criteria of the “Women’s Wellness” category in the UFBF federation

This category is designed for female athletes with a sporty physique who show slightly more muscle mass in the buttocks and thighs. The upper body is developed, but not to the same extent as the lower body.

1st Round

  1. Each participant is called out to the stage individually, in the order of numbers, and has a maximum of 30 seconds to perform the defile (presentation).
  2. After the defile (presentation), the participants line up in equal numbers along the diagonal lines on each side of the stage. The central part of the stage remains free to call out the athletes and compare them.

2nd Round

  1. The Chief Judge calls the athletes by number for required comparison.
  2. Athletes are standing faces the judges, placing one hand on the thigh, one hand straight down, and slightly stretching the leg. At the same time, hair from the back is not removed.
  3. A quarter turn right:

Participants turn slightly to the side of the judges, holding the right hand on the thigh, left hand straight down, and bending the right leg at the knee. It is more like a pose with a turn on the side, which bikini participants perform.

  1. A quarter turn back:

Athletes stand with their backs in the direction of movement with a curved waist and buttocks set back.

  1. A quarter turn right:

The athletes turn slightly to the side of the judges; the left arm is on the thigh, the right arm is relaxed, and the left leg is bent at the knee.

  1. The defile is similar to the Bikini category.
  2. The winner of the category is determined by the sum of points in the defile and the required program, as well as the judges evaluate the athlete’s appearance, including hair and make-up.

NOTE: As in all other categories, obscene acts are prohibited and will result in automatic disqualification.

Requirements for the appearance of athletes:

  1. The physical shape of the participants in this category should be almost at the level of athletes in the “Bikini” category, but athletes in the “Wellness” category should have more muscles in the lower body. Excessive dryness of the athlete is not desirable, but muscle separation is welcome.
  2. The shape of the abdominal muscles is defined as in the Women’s Figure category.
  3. The shape of the shoulder girdle muscles should be slightly more developed than in a bikini and slightly less than in the Women’s Figure.
  4. Muscles should be slightly more developed than in a bikini but less developed than in the Women’s Figure category.
  5. Quadriceps should have an athletic appearance, without pronounced separation, but with a small division.
  6. Buttock muscles should be completely rounded, with a small division. They will be more than the current participants in bikini competitions. But they will not be as rigid and definite as in Women’s Figure.
  7. The same rules apply to swimwear for the wellness category as for the Bikini category. Participants will compete in separate swimsuits, heels (permissible height – 10 – 12 cm). The athlete’s number must always be securely attached to the left side of the swimsuit.
  8. It is forbidden to apply additional tanning products on competitive tanning (oils, moisturizers, skin creams, sunscreens, and similar products).

Current categories in the UFBF federation:

  • Women’s wellness – up to and including 165 cm;
  • Women’s wellness – over 165 cm;