General conditions

  1. Each male or female athlete must be registered in the federation system and have a membership card.
  2. The Federation’s membership card is issued once and directly in the athlete’s hands during the initial registration. The card allows the athlete to register as quickly as possible for all events held by the Federation, confirming the athlete’s identity.
  3. Athlete, during the filling out the registration form to obtain a federation card, automatically agrees to process their data.

Rules of championships and conditions of athletes’ participation

  1. The UFBF Championships are open to all interested athletes (males and females), regardless of experience and experience in all existing versions and/or federations of the World.
  2. Athletes that registered for the championship held by the UFBF thus give their consent and undertake to comply with the requirements described in the regulations or other document governing the tournament.
  3. Athletes and coaches are strictly forbidden to approach the judges at the table during the performance of their professional duties.
  4. Top UFBF athletes who want to compete in other tournaments held by other federations must obtain prior approval from the Federation’s leadership.

Refereeing championships

  1. The formation of the judges of the championship is carried out exclusively by the Federation’s leadership.
  2. Every judge invited to work at the championship must be certified and have a supporting document.

Disqualification of athletes in the Federation

  1. Athletes in the Federation can be subject to disqualification sanctions for such violations:

– public (including in the social networks, on the media resources) negative statements towards other athletes, management, and judges of the Federation;

– unsubstantiated allegations against the Federation, athletes, and/or officials;

– violation of the Athlete’s Honor Code;

– rude violation (or several) of the rules of the federation tournament;

  1. The decision to disqualify any athlete in the UFBF is made individually and taken only by management.