Dear Athletes, Trainers and Functionaries!

The Ukrainian Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness UFBF invites you to the meeting, will be held December, 14th at 16:00, in the sports club “DOG & Grand CrossFit”, at the address: Kyiv, Pochayna metro station (Petrivka), Stepan Bandera ave., 6.

Our meeting is dedicated to the open international tournament
⭐️NATION POWER CUP⭐️ will be held May, 23rd, 2020.

What will be talking about?
▪️About the plans for the spring season;
▪️Why you should chose the UFBF;
▪️Card and contract system, their advantage ;
▪️Rules and criteria for athletes assessment in the tournament «NATION POWER CUP» (athlete’s registration);
▪️Posing workshop;
▪️Consultations in preparation for the spring season.

Grow with us and join the best!

Together-we are the power!

Please do not be late for the meeting!