Cosmetic company “Rosa Impex” was founded in 1991.

This is the first non-governmental cosmetics company in Bulgaria. The company has been successfully developing for more than 30 years, and is today the leading Bulgarian manufacturer of hair dyeing and hair care products, as well as many wonderful cosmetic series for face and body skin care..

The company manufactures products in these followed key areas:
1. Permanent coloring agents – hair dyes Prestige, Galant, Color Time, and a series of clarifiers Blond Time.

2. Semi-resistant coloring agents – henna cream Herbal Time, tinting balms Prestige, Leganza

3. Masks and shampoos for hair – series Herbal Time.

4. Means for whitening the skin and removing all types of pigmentation – series АХРОАКТИВ МАХ

5. Skin Whitening and Pigmentation Remover – Series – Prestige Body

6. Series based on Bulgarian rose and pearl extract ― Prestige Rose&Pearl

7. Goat Milk Series

8. Medical cosmetics – Forest Apothecary series

9. Age-related skin aging products – Elixir of Youth 30+ series

10. Wash resistant paint DeColor Time

11. Premium Hair Masks Series Leganza

12. Facial Skin Care Series Regal Q10+

13. A series of tint balms Leganza

14. Facial Series Regal Natural Beauty

15. Professional Hair Care Series SPA MASTER

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