Morshynskyi spring is one of the few deposits of pure natural water in the world that has a mineral composition that perfectly balanced for humans.

Natural mineral water Morshynska comes from the Carpathian region, from the Morshyn valley, located in the resort region at the eastern slope of the Carpathian Range and is surrounded on all sides by forests. Mineral water “Morshynska” is bottled at the Oscar plant near the source. From the source, water flows through pipelines quickly to the factory, where it is bottled. During the spill, no change in chemical composition or water treatment occurs. Water remains as nature created it. The Oscar plant was opened in 1995, in 2007 it underwent a massive upgrade and received one of the most powerful production complexes in Ukraine. Maintaining a hydro balance is the key to effective training and well-being. Especially when it comes to 24/7. Drink only natural water! Perfectly balanced composition “Morshynska” Sport “saturates the body with enough moisture.

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